Monday, 12 March 2018

Making a Toile

A couple of Saturday's ago, I spent a day at my local sewing shop learning a new skill, so I can branch out from quilts and skirts.

We started off by taking measurements for our top - I haven't really taken full measurements of my top half before so it was useful to see how to do this.

Following instructions given, I started to build a pattern for my toile. I couldn't quite see it forming up, but I could follow the instructions well, and once it was cut out I could really see how it was going to come together. (Also - how great is the colour of my calculator!?)

We also learnt how to make a fuller bust adjustment - this was probably the thing I found most useful on this course. I have been slightly nervous to try patterns and adjust them, and I know my bust would cause issues. Not anymore! (hopefully!)

We then cut out the patterns and sewed them together into a toile. There wasn't enough Calico, so I ended up using some curtain lining. Some of my darts ended up looking very pointy (and not in a flattering way!). I had never sewn darts before, and I'm pretty chuffed how they worked out - although I need to follow the line a little more! I now also know(ish) how to move darts in a pattern!

Overall, it was a great course. I don't think I'll be confident to make my own pattern, but I may be confident enough to adjust a pattern to a fuller bust. Watch this space...

Sunday, 18 February 2018

FNSI February 2018

After completing my lovely cross-stitch the Thursday night, I was spoilt for choice for what to do for FNSI. I decided to pick a project that has a definite deadline - a baby quilt!

Last Sunday, I spent some time at my friend Jo's working on cutting out material. I have discovered that Jo cuts out far quicker than I do, so will be persuading her to help me cut out all my material in future! The material I am using is mainly from the Doodle Days collection. The green was a random FQ that works very well with the set.

We cut out 5inch squares, and worked out the layout of the quilt.

Skip to Friday.
After successfully clearing a LOT of lint out of my machine, and changing the needle; I sat down to sew the quilt top. (I'm quite proud that the whole thing still works!)

5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy later, I have a finished quilt top! I did forget to get a proper picture of it, but you get the idea.

I now have to wait for the batting/wadding to arrive - as always, I did not get it in advance and can't find any that suits in local shops.

How was everyone else's Friday night? Hop on over to Wendy's to see who else signed up, and what they have been up to.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Finally Finished!!!

At about 12.30am last night, I took out my centre line guide for Beauty and the Beast. It is now DONE!

(Apologies about the shadow - I took it in my window in some gorgeous sunshine to get all the colours nicely)

I've had this going for just over 4 years. Not solidly as I get distracted, but still! So, so pleased with it. I even managed to french knot, which I'm very proud of.

Now this has been finished, I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do for FNSI (just because I have so many projects I have ignored for the past couple of months so I can get this finished! - spoilt for choice!)

Monday, 12 February 2018

A Different Kind of Crafting

The past few weekends we have been very busy crafting furniture. Not from scratch, I hasten to add, but following some instructions and with all the pieces provided. We also spent a bit of time at the skip getting rid of all the cardboard that came along with it! (Picture is just of some of the furniture boxes)

We now have a reading chair for the bedroom...

...a desk (which Darren got set up with his podcast stuff as soon as we'd finished it)...

...a spare bed, which pulls out into a double bed...

...and 3 bookcases. It's amazing having all our books out. Felt settled here before, but now it feels perfect! (bookcase picture was taken before it was completely full. And not all shelves in view)

And all set up in time for half term!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

FnwF February 2018 - A Lot of Outlining!

Although the start of February passed me by, and I forgot to sign up, I did manage to join in with Cheryl's FnwF. Follow the link to find who did sign up and what they got up to!

You may have guessed it, but I spent Friday evening working on the outlining for Beauty and the Beast. I got the second of 4 pages done, and moved on to the third.

On Monday, I found a picture from a year ago courtesy of Facebook. It's the bottom left corner of the cross-stitch, and there's quite a lot of green but not much else. 

I reckon I managed to do about half the stitching in a year. There is hope the other 4 won't take 4 years each!!! But this finish is edging tantalisingly closer (just some outlining and so many french knots to do!)

I hope you all had a lovely FnwF.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A Bit of an Obsession

As you all know, I have been working on the cross-stitch version of Thomas Kinkade's Beauty and the Beast cross-stitch.

When I first came across it, there were 4 other designs I really liked, so I put them on my wishlist for family to buy. Over the years, I have been given all but one. I then found out that the cross-stitches are no longer being made, and I still didn't have one of my favourite pieces. Luckily, last week I came across the final design kit on Etsy, and I was able to complete my collection:

The Little Mermaid

Sleeping Beauty


And the one to complete the collection - Peter Pan

Oh, and I bought a colouring book and calendar, because not all his artwork has been transferred into a cross-stitch pattern.

Only a tiny bit obsessed, right?

Thursday, 25 January 2018

2018 Crafting Goals

I have decided not quite to make New Year Resolutions this year, but crafting goals instead (I have taken inspiration from some other blogs!). In my usual prompt style, I have finally gotten around to posting this by the end of January

Thinking about the goals, I suddenly seemed to have hundreds of things I wanted to do and finish, which was fine but not realistic. I have picked a few, and put them into a couple of categories. Hopefully this will make it a bit more manageable (and allow for other projects to sneak in).

So, here they are:

To Finish:
  • Beauty and the Beast cross-stitch
  • Baby quilt for work colleagues (by February)
  • Crochet doll and dress-up clothes

To Learn:
  • How to embroider 
  • How to English Paper Piece

Would Like to Work On:
  • Beauty and the Beast material
  • Mug Rugs

This feels very manageable - watch this space!

Making a Toile

A couple of Saturday's ago, I spent a day at my local sewing shop learning a new skill, so I can branch out from quilts and skirts. We...